The Masturbation Station
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Hello all, welcome to the masturbation station. This site isnt exactly youd expect. This community is about random things, but also masturbation ;) We all came up with the name because one of our friends called Kt's house the masturbation station.

The Goon Squad

Emily aka savvy
screen name: glasgow three am

"look - more plaid! and just when i thought there couldn't be any more left in the universe!"
some info: a female, high school, who might just be in love with robert plant, circa 1973. enjoys reading historical fiction/romance novels, eating olives, chasing seagulls, classic rock, etc. likes christopher marlowe, being polish, daydreaming, and boy love [HINT].
would do: robert plant, julian casablancas, jude law, mike skinner, johnny depp, pharrell, orson welles, nick jago, paul newman, and lee williams.

Kristen aka Shermie
screen name: Rockstar1078

some info:
Im 3'4'' i have a huge black afro. I love tiny midgets that get tickeled in a tree by a guy who has freakishly long arms. My favorite sport is curling, and im Swedish. My brother is a sex machine. He's Spanish, what do you expect. Well i think that might be it. toodles <3

Kate aka Captain
screen name: babycakes43289

"8 days a week i l0o0o0o0o0o0o0ove you"
some info: Im 15 years old and im almost 5'3' hhaha wooot. I love boys and boy love.
would do Johnny Depp

Vanessa aka Vaggie
screen name: goodnitemoon77

some info:
I LOVE BOYS. Im so italian. Over the summer, im going back to the old country to make some meatballs. <3
would do JOHNNY DEPP

Katie [kt] aka Frank the tank
screen name: mysweetfractureo

"we need someone with long arms, but the only person with long arms is that guy over there helping an old lady tickle that midget in the tree."
some info:
Im almost 16, my house is known as the masturbation station ;) my friends are awesome and i love boys and boy love ;) <3 My friends call my frank the tank not because i drink, because i dont. They call me it because i can chugg pickle juice, tea, water and juice. muahahahahhahaha
would do: Chris Conley, Johnny Depp, Eben D'maicio, will ferrell, ROBERT SMITH

Erin aka erie

some info: Im 15, i like long walks on the beach, and old greasy men in speedos. I also enjoy speaking polish to little kids
would do : Johnny Depp